The Makeup Show - NYC


There's something really special about having casual conversations with celebrity makeup artists like Orlando Santiago and five-time Emmy winner, Eve Pearl.  That's what I did yesterday.


I had the fabulous opportunity to attend The Makeup Show in NYC.  This was my first time attending and it was definitely an experience.  Any time there are hundreds of professional makeup artists into the same room you are guaranteed to have a good time.  There was so much personality and color in the room that you couldn't help but leave in a better mood.

Obviously I did a lot of shopping with some specialized artistry brands, but the highlight of my day was the ability to attend two separate masterclasses.  The first masterclass I attended was with Scott Barnes, @scottbarnes68.  Scott is credited with creating the "J-Lo Glow" and that was the topic of his class.  I had the opportunity to watch him take his model through a beautiful understated step-by-step transformation utilizing the techniques he perfected during his time with Jennifer Lopez.  As a special treat, I also got to experience his brand new foundations (updated formulations of those created specifically for Marlene Dietrich) and his new pressed powders (milled six times for smoothest texture).  His husband, Frank Galasso, gave a quick demonstration of his new hair extensions and some styling tips.


After a quick break for lunch, (Tomato, Mozzarella, and Pesto, if you're wondering), I headed back to the classroom to see a demonstration on contouring and highlighting specifically for women of color by Renny Vasquez, @rennyvasquez.  Renny was so interesting to watch and utilized varying shades of cream foundation to smooth and define the features, a technique that is popular with drag queens.  He spent quite a while sharing some tips on reshaping the nose with foundations for a more natural look.  For those of you wondering about foundation choices, he spoke very highly of AJ Crimson foundations,,  and Black Opal Foundations,  Renny had a special announcement for us also, he's releasing three new shades of nude lipsticks created for darker skins!  #Nude, #PerfectSelfie, and #NoFilter were gorgeous and will officially be available at The Makeup Show - Atlanta in June. 

What would you like to chat about next time?  Please share your comments and/or questions below!

Thanks for sharing your day with me!