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Courtney Rea

Columbus, Ohio

Jai gave me makeup lessons as I was preparing for Miss Ohio last year and I am SO GLAD I met him and had the opportunity to work with him!  From our very first lesson, I could tell that Jai was incredibly talented and everything he was teaching me was specifically tailored for me.  I've had a problem in the past getting "one size fits all" makeup lessons, but I really feel like Jai knew exactly what I needed to best accentuate MY features and was able to teach me in exactly the way that I needed to learn.  Jai's makeup lessons gave me the confidence and skills to be able to do my own makeup at Miss Ohio, and even more importantly, the techniques I learned helped me to become better and faster at my own every day makeup application, which I am very grateful for. I would 100% recommend Jai to anyone.

Lauren Ash

Brooklyn, New York

Jai was a phenomenal makeup artist for my photo shoot.  He's precise, talented, and charming.  You will not be disappointed!  Jai was also very quick with the makeup application for each look, which made it easier for everyone to transition.  He's so blessed with this gift in makeup artistry.

Lizzy Palmatier

Sandy, Utah

Jai is the best in the business.  Not only did he give me two beautiful looks, but he talked me through everything so that I could easily apply my makeup at home.  Thank you, Jai!

Lisa Sabath - Dynamic Edge Dance Center

Fenton, Missouri

Jai is an incredible makeup artist.  We have had him as our consultant and makeup instructor at Dynamic Edge Dance Center for our dance team for many years. His instructions are easy for the girls and moms to follow.  We trust his opinion and know he will always makeup our girls look beautiful on stage.  We love his work and would highly recommend him.

Rian Valentine

Columbus, Ohio

Working with makeup artists has become part of my daily routine with both the contestants I work with, as well as my own personal photography and competition needs.  Jai gets the importance of changing looks from real life to behind the camera and he has a truly magical way of making a person look like themselves, only the absolute the best they can be.

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